How to logout of Facebook Messenger?

These days Facebook is in news  for making Facebook Messenger mandatory to install. This is quite annoying for the people and honestly you cannot force people to install some application. Some of the Android users have already quit using Facebook official Android application and have started using some third party applications. But there are people who are still using Facebook Android application and they are forced to use Facebook messenger. Well, the downside of this messenger is that it does not come with logout option. So, if you have logged in once then you cannot logout from the messenger. Many people search daily on the Internet “How to logout from Facebook Messenger? and they are not able to get satisfactory answer.

Well, if you have reached here searching for How to logout from Facebook Messenger then you have eventually landed on the right page. Today we will share a legit trcik which will allow you to logout from your Facebook Messenger.

  • Close Facebook Messenger
  • Clear it from recent applications menu otherwise this trick will not work
  • Go to settings –> Apps and find Facebook Messenger
  • Open Facebook Messenger and tap on clear data and clear cache
  • This will log you out from Facebook Messenger

Now when you open Facebook Messenger from the app drawer it will not log you in automatically. Though it will show your account name but you will not be logged in. This is just because Facebook has completely integrated Messenger with the Facebook application. If you wish to completely logout from the messenger then you will have to logout from the application first. This will even remove the name from your Facebook Messenger. Or if someone else wishes to log in then they can use switch account option.

How to Logout from Facebook Messenger

Well, this method is not simple but still it serves the purpose. So, if you really liked how to logout from facebook Messenger trick then give us your feedback. Keep reading SmartphoneTechie blog. We will bring more tips and tricks for our readers.

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