iPhone Jailbreak: Learn to delete bulk apps and tweaks

Nowadays, a bulk of mobile phone and tablet users are dedicated to Apple and it’s trusted iOS, which has a proud history of never falling prey to piracy and theft due to their policies. Only the best apps get out there on the market and this creates superb competition amongst developers who are trying to carve themselves a niche in the market for iOS users. However, developing apps for the Apple market comes with it’s own nuances and pains that only a developer will understand. Despite all of its policies and advantages, Apple’s software can sometimes be a nightmare for developers.  Developers have to first create an account that will cost them a hefty 99$, and only after their apps have passed a review test will they be available for download on the store and this generate income for the developers who have painstakingly worked and coded for it.

This has created a term called “jail breaking”. More of a process really, it consists of adding software and tweaking your iOS handled phone slightly to allow it to download and access as well as upload applications onto the market without the hassle of having to pay anything. iPhone jailbreak has its own perks. Phones and devices running on iOS with this software makes it very easy for amateur developers to get their product out there without having to go through reviews. The only downside is that this makes the device prone to viruses and could hamper the overall speed and performance of the device.

An example of such software is Cydia, a software that allows users to download iPhone jailbreak tweaks onto their phones and developers to upload such said tweaks and form a mutual rapport with one another. However, with downloading too many tweaks, it makes it hard to uninstall the unnecessary ones, so a step by step guide to delete them is:

  1. Switch on the “Installed” tab
  2. Select your decided app and click on “modify” on the top right and “remove”
  3. Tap on “continue queueing” and the app will be added to removal tweaks and apps.
  4. Now confirm and repeat the processes by deleting unwanted tweaks.

Thus, unwanted tweaks that could be a pain for your phone can be removed by the steps given above. Share this handy iPhone jailbreak tweak with your friends and do not forget to leave your feedback.

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