Amazon Acquires Twitch for $970 Million

A couple of months back we heard that Google is interested in buying Twitch. We even heard that everything is finalized between the two and just a formal announcement is to be announced. Well, it seems that all those news were fake and had no solid grounds because today Amazon has officially announced that it is going to acquire Twitch for $970 million. So, now it is official that Amazon has acquired the popular gaming portal.

Many of you might not be familiar with Twitch and you are not to be blamed for this. Twitch may not be as popular as YouTube or Vimeo but it is very popular among the gaming communities. It is an online gaming portal where people from across the world can watch other players playing video games or can broadcast their own gaming videos. It is quite popular in the United States of America and is reckoned as one of the largest US based traffic.


Twitch an online gaming portal is quite poplar amongst the people who love playing online gaming tournament. These online gaming tournaments include games like DOTA, Counter Strike, Modern Warfare, League of Legends and Pokeman. Interestingly some games come with built in Twitch feature which allows them to broadcast their game play on this popular platform.

With Amazon acquiring Twitch one can expect something big coming to this platform. It is expected that Amazon will include some of its goodies to this platform as well which will make it more popular. This acquisition will not only benefit the popular gaming portal but will also benefit Amazon because the online gaming  platform has ever increasing user database which will certainly prove handy for the company.

According to the Twitch CEO, everything will stay the same but with some financial backing from Amazon the quality of the services will certainly get better. He expressed his views in an official blog post.

Source: Amazon

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