My android device is running slow. Why??

We buy a new android phone and we get excited to see how fast it runs. How quick you can close your Facebook account and start using twitter. But you would be wondering to see after a certain amount of time that your same android phone is now running with a tortoise speed and is continuously making you tired and frustrated. But now you do not need to worry, every problem has a solution, if you have Galaxy S5 or S4 or Galaxy note 2 or nexus 4 or nexus 7 2013 Moto X, and you are facing the slowdown problem, then you can get back you same android phone which was running with its handsome speed you just need to do what I am going to tell you.


First of all you need to look how much space your applications are occupying. And how much space you have overall. So let’s get rid of all those applications you do not need. Choose those apps and then tap uninstall. After that you should take a second step and move into downloads section and delete those files which you no longer need, because they actually eating your storage.

Extension-app cache cleaner

You must have this extension in your phone download it from Google play store. It clears all the cache on apps on your android phone. It will make your phone a bit faster.

Note: You can have more space if you remove those files in your miscellaneous files section.


I see people feel good to have many widgets on home screen. Are you serious? I suggest you to have those widgets which are very important for you, because having many widgets consumes resources.

Simple as possible

It depends on your launcher that you may have an option to control your animation and especial effects. So go into your launcher settings and disable all those extra effects which are unnecessary.

RAM- Free it

You need to free up your RAM. Go into the RAM section and tap the clear memory option to close all those unnecessary apps which are running wildly.

The last Step

Now restart your phone, just hold the home button, say yes to restart option and ere you go.

I suggest you to follow all steps I mentioned above, I am sure that these techniques will give a boost to your current speed. Don’t change your expensive phone for just its poor speed, find a way to solve it.

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