How to Root HTC One M8?

With  HTC’s wonderful policy on unlocking bootloaders, rooting an HTC device is not as hard as it may have previously been. The case in point here is the Root HTC One M8 which although requires quite a number of steps to accomplish is not a difficult task to complete.

Root HTC One M8

Taking into account the Hasson’s All-in-one toolkit, the procedure below enables the automation of the bootloader unlocking process for the Root HTC One M8.

You may be wondering what would make you undertake this procedure. Below is a look at some of the reasons:

  • Removing apps from the device that were previously installed by the manufacturer or carrier
  • Freeing up storage space
  • Increasing battery life
  • Performance increment
  • Updating to a newer version of Android
  • A number of other customizations when you make use of the new administrative rights to flash a custom ROM.

With the reasons highlighted above, let us now take a look at the steps.

Before anything else:

  • Aside from the Verizon, a number of the HTC One M8 models will be able to make use of the HTC’s bootloader unlocking tool, inclusive of the T-Mobile, AT&T and international models.
  • Ensure that you have a battery percentage charge of at least 75 in order to ensure that during the process, it doesn’t unexpectedly die!
  • According to HTC, you may be voiding all of parts of your warranty in case you choose to Root HTC One M8.
  • All information that you have on your device will be erased when you root HTC One, which means that you need to save anything that you wish to keep from your device to a continue before continuing with the process.
  • This process will only work for PCs
  • Go to settings on your HTC One M8 then look for Battery Manager and select the Turn OFF Fastboot option.

Downloading and installing the tool kit

  1. In order to download the toolkit, you need to visit the developer’s page and proceed to downloading the latest version if the toolkit that you will find on the page. Proceed to save the same on your desktop.
  2. In case you don’t already have a means of extracting .rar files on your computer, then you need to download WinRar and install it.
  3. When you have installed WinRar, go to the toolkit.rar file, rightclick on it and opt for the extract all option.

Unlocking the HTC One M8’s Bootloader

  1. Open the toolkit
  2. Opt for the Download Root HTC M8Drivers and select the Go option
  3. Proceed with installing the drivers
  4. Go back to the toolkit ad opt for HTCDev option.(when you have selected it, you will need to follow the steps provided on the HTCDev site in order to login in case you have an account or to register in case you don’t have one)
  5. Back to the Root HTC M8, go to the settings option, select About, then Software Information and lastly Tap the build number over and over until you are told that you are now a developer
  6. Proceed to Settings, opt for the Developer Options and turn ON USB Debugging
  7. Y way of a USB, you may now proceed to plug in the Root HTC One.
  8. Once it is plugged, draw attention to the Get Token ID and select the Go option.
  9. When the Root HTC One does go into the Fastboot mode, close the command prompt
  10. Next, right-click in the second command prompt and opt for the Mark option. Copy everything from “Identifier Token Start” onto “Identifier Token End” and paste the same onto a text editor to be used in the future.
  11. Select the Submit Token ID and select the Go option on the Root HTC M8
  12. Go to HTVDev and login, then proceed onto and select the Unlock Bootloader option which you have to click.
  13. Opt for the Root HTC One M8 option from the drop down menu and select the Begin Unlock Bootloader option
  14. While hitting next, skip all steps that come until you come across a text box that will enable you to input the Token ID.
  15. Insert the complete Token ID onto the Text Box and select the Submit option.
  16. On your desktop, you will need to save the Unlock_code.bin file that will be emailed to you
  17. Select the Unlock Bootloader option and click on Go
  18. Highlight the Unlock_code. Bin file and select the Go option
  19. On the Root HTC One, make use of the volume button to highlight the Yes option then select it by pushing the power option
  20. When it reboots, you will need to go through he setup process.

Flashing a custom recovery on the HTC One M8

  1. By going to the Settings options of the Root HTC M8, you will be able to re-enable USB Debugging. Go to About, then Software Information and Tap build number over and over until you are told that you are now a developer.
  2. Proceed to settings then onto the Developer Options on turn ON USB Debugging.
  3. Bring to light the custom recovery that you wish to flash and then proceed to click on the Flash Recovery option.
  4. When the Root HTC One M8 boots back to the Fastboot mode, proceed to chose the first command prompt
  5. Close the second command prompt when it says finished
  6. Make use of the power button to select Robot on the device and volume buttons to navigate

Rooting the HTC One M8

  1. Under Extras, highlight Perm Room and select the Run option
  2. Close the first command prompt when you notice that a file has been transferred
  3. Tap on Install once the Root HTC One reboots into recovery mode
  4. Choose the file and swipe it in order to flash it
  5. Tap the Reboot option then the System option
  6. You will be done at this point

An optional gain of the S-Off on the HTC One M8

Seeing as you now have the root and recovery image, your next move(optional) is to gain S-Off in order to provide you with total access for flashing fancy ROMs and tweaks.


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