Sony Xperia Z3 will get Android L Next Month

Following the footsteps of LG and Samsung; Sony has decided to roll out the Android L update for its Xperia Z3 line up. Well, most of us thought that Sony might launch the latest Sony Xperia Z4 at CES conference but the smartphone giant has different plans. It looks like that company plans to make some huge announcements at MVC 2015.

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Well, Sony fans still has a lot to cheer about especially the Xperia Z users. Sony has promised that company will soon start the official roll out of Android 5.0. As far as the Xperia Z3 users are considered they will start receiving the latest Android from next month. According to the CEO of Sony Z3 users can expect to receive Adroid L from next month.

Android 5.0

All in all, it is a good news. It clearly shows that Sony is determined to offer latest Android experience to its existing customers. This is what most of the customers want. We are really looking forward to see how Sony implements Android L on its devices. Let us know how do you feel after hearing this news.

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