Samsung Note 5 Release Date and Speculations

There have been heated debates going on various forums regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The most common topic that is being discussed on since weeks now, is Samsung Note 5 Release Date. Initial speculations and rumors pointed out that since Samsung launches a new Note in the IFA Expo in Berlin, Germany every September, the 5th Generation of this smartphone would come out in September. But new rumors have stated that we could see the official release of the Samsung Note 5 as early as the first few weeks of August. So, we assume that Samsung Note 5 Release Date is just around the corner.

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For a very long time, the Galaxy Note series was the place Samsung did the greater part of its innovation and invention. The Galaxy Note, for occurrence, was the first smartphone to get split-screen multitasking. It was likewise the first to promote a stylus and, since around 2013, has been the total accepted champ regarding the matter of battery life in Samsung’s cell phones. On the other hand, now it shows up Apple is obtaining a few thoughts from this organization as it is rumored that Ios 9 will allow its clients to display two running apps together on the ipad screen.

There have now been a lot of rumors in the form of renders, cases, and different pictures that paint a pretty clear picture as to how the Samsung Note 5 would look.

Alleged Galaxy Note 5 Specifications:

We have a smart thought that the Galaxy Note 5 will look somewhat like rearranged Galaxy S6 EDGE; by that it means that it will have a flat front display screen, with a metal edge and a back glass panel that elements razor-designed curved edges like the display of the Galaxy S6 EDGE. According to the most recent speculations the Galaxy Note 5 will feature flat Super AMOLED display measuring 5.7in and with a 2560 x 1440 QHD resolution. An AMOLED stand for Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode and it is a type of display which makes images more sharp and bright. There is very high color saturation and a response time which reduces the blurred motion that other displays can have. This allows the display size to be shorter as well.

Samsung may have something beefier in store for the Samsung Note 5. According to a report from reputable and reliable source ‘SamMobile’ the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will feature an upgraded Exynos 7422 chipset. We all know how Samsung parted ways with Qualcomm and used its very own hardware in Galaxy S6- the Exynos 7420 octa-core chipset, earlier this year. This new chipset being introduced in the Samsung Note 5 would be every bit more majestic than the rest of the market since the 7422 chipset would be running the CPU, GPU, RAM and modem all in this one chip. Rumors have also been circulated that this chipset would contain a staggering 4GB of RAM. The CPU is rumored to be a 64-bit octa-core as well.

The Samsung Note 5 will also drop microSD expandable capacity option for the new UFS 2.0 capacity found in the Galaxy S6. MicroSD can’t stay aware of the velocity of the ultra-quick storage found inside so it’s the ideal time for the SD slot to go. Keep your fingers crossed as Samsung Note 5 Release Date is nearing.

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