Samsung Note 5 Specifications and Key Features

Rumors are being widely circulated regarding Samsung Note 5 specifications. The world famous series of Samsung ‘phablets’-part phone and part tablet, have been very successful amongst the general public especially within the business classes who need a powerful handheld machine on which they could go about their daily dealings.

During the first few weeks of July discussions were being carried out on various forums about the Samsung Note 5 release date. At first it was being speculated that the phone would be released during the month of September, when the Note series is usually unveiled. Then rumor spread out that the phone could be launched as early as 13th of August, with the smart phone being made available to the public around the last couple weeks of August.

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There are various new features being introduced to this highly anticipated smartphone. All these are discussed upon in detail, putting together news from various reliable resources/forums.

Power of Processing

Samsung quite often utilizes the same CPU inside its Galaxy Note phablet, same as the processing hardware they used inside the S series of Galaxy smartphones. For the Galaxy S6 this year, on the other hand, Samsung went separate ways with the traditional Qualcomm processors and only utilized its own particular equipment: an Exynos 7420, 64-bit octa-center chipset based on 14 nanometer FinFet generation forms.

This thing is much kinder to battery life, is madly quick and runs cooler than essentially whatever else available in the current android smartphone market. Along these lines, no doubt, it’s promising that this will probably show up inside the Note 5.

Samsung Note 5 specifications

Furthermore as per a report from legitimate and solid source SamMobile-a famous discussion forum and news website related to Samsung products, the Samsung Note 5 specifications will include an updated Exynos 7422 chipset as mentioned above. This chipset has this insane processing power which runs the CPU, GPU, RAM and capacity plus Modem on this one chipset. This being said, there are also reports being circulated that this chipset would be accompanied by , in Samsung Note 5.

Design Innovations

We as of now saw a year ago’s Galaxy Note 4 body with a metal edge, and as the Galaxy S6 has this too we can be really sure this will return on the Note 5. At that point, keeping the ties with the Galaxy S6 we are likely taking a gander at glass boards on front and back of the Samsung Note 5’s body, instead of the old false cowhide plastic we saw on the last couple of Note handsets. With the screen size altered at 5.7in like the last few Note eras, while keeping the bezels razor-thin and encompassing bodywork tight-fitting; this makes for a pleasantly minimized phablet in terms of size.

Samsung has planned an amazing hardware setup which is optimal in every sense of the word, which could make the Samsung Note 5 very light in weight and compared to the other ‘phablets’ out there, the Samsung Note 5 could be a pioneer in terms of performance, display power and battery time.

Battery Life

Battery life on the last few Galaxy Note handsets has been first class, given that they are bigger gadgets with bigger space for bigger battery cells, and, on account of the Note 4, in light of the fact that Samsung presented its marvelous Ultra Power Saving mode, which saved battery without effecting the performance much . In any case, with the Note 5 we have the possibility of consolidating these officially amazing components with what has all the earmarks of being a greatly battery-accommodating processor; the 14 nanometer Exynos 7420. The Galaxy S6 as of now shows incredible battery life on this equipment and the Samsung Note 5 obviously being better than more powerful than the S6 smartphone, will show even better battery life as compared to the s6.

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