Why Sony Changed its Power Button in Xperia Z5?

A round power button was first incorporated in the Xperia Z series and since then it has become  a signature of Sony Xperia smartphones. However, with the latest Xperia z5 leaks we came to know that Xperia Z5 willno more come with a signature power button. This may sound disappointing to many Xperia lovers who are completely in love with the traditional round power button but there’s a complete story behind why Sony decided to bid goodbye to its signature power button.

From the leaked specifications it is quite clear that Sony is going to introduce finger print scanner in its flagship device this time around. Apple was the first one to introduce it followed by Samsung and HTC. Now Sony is also coming up with the same technology. This new fingerprint scanner will not only offer a better security to your smartphone but it will also be integrated with some payment method.

So, in order to introduce this new technology Sony had to come up with a better power button design where they company can place fingerprint scanner. The issue with the signature round power button was its small surface area. Therefore, company had to ditch it in favor of the newly designed power button which offers perfect integration with the fingerprint scanner.

Furthermore, this new power button not only comes with a better design but also offer better durability. According to Sony official, company had received few complaints about the power button in past and this time around they have devised the new button keeping in view the issues customers were facing previously.

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