Change Play Store Country – Working Method

Why Change Play Store Country?

Some applications on Google Play Store are available for limited regions. If you want to download such application then what you should do? There are two options available for you.

  1. Forget that application and download a similar app
  2. Change Play Store country to download your desired application

Now if you go with the first option, then there is a possibility that there is no similar app available on Play Store and if there is something similar it may not offer you the same features and user experience. So, the best option for you is to change play store country. It will allow you to download your desired application just like you download any other application from Play Store.

How Google PlayStore Determines your Country?

To change Google play country, it is important that you should understand how google play store determines your country. Google determines your country from the method you have selected.

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It looks at the billing address of the payment method you have selected and determines your country. If you have not set any payment method, then it automatically picks your home country from the Gmail account linked to your Play Store.

How to Change Play Store Country?

There are three different methods to change Google Play country. We recommend you to try these methods one by one and see which methods work for you. If you follow instructions carefully then the first method you choose to change Google Play Store country will most probably work for you.

First Method to Change Google Play Store Country

  1. Sign into you Google Wallet account
  2. If you have already added some payment method then you should delete it otherwise skip this step
  3. Now add a new credit or debit card with a billing address of your desired country
  4. Now open Google Play Store and look for a paid application
  5. Click on install/buy button to initiate the process
  6. Wait for “Accept and  Buy” screen. Don’t worry you don’t have to buy anything
  7. Now close Play Store and navigate to your settings section. Look for application manager, find Google Play Store and clear cache and data
  8. Open Play Store again and now you will see that your country on Play Store matches with the one you have selected at the time of entering billing address

So, by following this method you have changed Google Play country within few minutes.

Second Method to Change Play Store Country

If you have tried the above method and still you are not able to change Google Play Store country successfully then here is another simple yet effective method.

  1. Open your Google Wallet Account in browser
  2. Go to your settings section and change your address
  3. The new address should be from a country to which you want to change country on Google Play Store
  4. Once you have added new address you should remove your old address
  5. To remove old address go to Address Tab on Google Wallet account and remove the old address
  6. It will now prompt you to accept the terms and conditions related to your new Google Play Store country. Accept them
  7. Now navigate to your settings section. Look for application manager, find Google Play Store and clear cache and data
  8. Open Play Store again and download your desired application because you have successfully changed your Play Store country


Third Method to Change Google Play Store Country

Here is another simple and the easiest method to change Google Play country.

  1. Create a new gmail account. Select your desired country to which you want to change your Play store country
  2. Link this new Gmail id with Google Play Store on your Android Smartphone
  3. And now you can download your desired application

We have tested these three methods to change play store country on different smartphones and accounts and found them working. Try these methods to change the Google Play Store country and let us know which one works for you.

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