Sony Xperia Z5 will not come with Snapdragon 820

Sony Xperia Z5

Official launch of Sony Xperia Z5 is just around the corner and every Sony fan out there is praying for Z5 to come out with the latest Snapdragon 820. Unfortunately, the upcoming Sony Xperia Z5 will come with the most hated Snapdragon 810. Snapdragon 810 does not hold good reputation in the market due to its overheating issues. However, Qualcomn …

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BlackBerry Venice: BlackBerry Android Phone Video Leaks

BlackBerry Venice QWERTY Keyboard

Thanks to eveleaks we are able to see the glimpse of BlackBerry Venice promo video. The smartphone in the video is allegedly upcoming BlackBerry Android smartphone. From the below video it is quite clear that the company has kept its tradition of QWERTY keyboards even with Android. If this is true then we will witness the first ever high end …

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Xperia M5 and C5 Ultra Leak before official Announcement

Xperia C5 Ultra and M5

Lately a lot of leaks related to upcoming smartphones are going on.First it was unannounced Samsung Note 5 that was leaked ahead of its official announcement and now we have the unannounced Sony duo Sony Xperia C5 and Xperia M5. Both of these smartphones are leaked before the official announcement. Sony Xperia C5 Ultra: The upcoming Sony Xperia Ultra C5 …

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Samsung Note 5: Few Features to look onto

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Battery life on the last few Galaxy Note phablets has been choice, mostly in light of the fact that they’re greater gadgets with space for greater battery cells, and, on account of the Note 4, in light of the fact that Samsung presented its wonderful Ultra Power Saving mode which has quite often recovered your chance of saving your battery …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date and Specifications

Galaxy Note 4

With an August 12 initial Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date, the upcoming sensation is by all accounts on everyone’s brains of late, our own included and there is a really justifiable explanation behind all this hype and energy. As per our present knowledge, the following model in the highly celebrated Note smart phones arrangement is to be made available for …

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Samsung Note 5 Specifications and Key Features

Samsung Note 5 specifications

Rumors are being widely circulated regarding Samsung Note 5 specifications. The world famous series of Samsung ‘phablets’-part phone and part tablet, have been very successful amongst the general public especially within the business classes who need a powerful handheld machine on which they could go about their daily dealings. During the first few weeks of July discussions were being carried …

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Samsung Note 5 Release Date and Speculations

Samsung Note 5 Release Date

There have been heated debates going on various forums regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The most common topic that is being discussed on since weeks now, is Samsung Note 5 Release Date. Initial speculations and rumors pointed out that since Samsung launches a new Note in the IFA Expo in Berlin, Germany every September, the 5th Generation of this …

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One Plus 2 AnTuTu Results are Impressive

One Plus 2 Snapdragon 810

One Plus 2 is in the news for quite sometimes and all this has been teasing for people waiting for its official release. All this has created a lot of excitement and we are all waiting for its official unveiling. One Plus 2 Specifications: Well as of now detailed specifications of One Plus 2 are not out yet but we still …

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